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work done would you tell us a permit. >> good evening. this is my first time to remodel the house. i hired a contractor. and i followed his instructions and i didn't know he didn't get a permit. right now i already got the building permit and i'm looking for the electricity and the plumbing contractors so i can get those two permits to fix the property. so i hope you can reduce the penalty for me so i can have more resources to work on though fix this problem. thank you. >> excuse me. did you say you are looking for a replacement contractor? >> yes. >> how are you going to do whether or not the new contractor is able to file the appropriate permits? >> i already asked for recommendations and they are still looking for the proper ones. i haven't gotten one yet, but pretty soon i'm going to have one. >> okay. thank you. >> thanks >> mr. duffy? . good evening commissioners. congratulations on the new appointments. >> thank you. >> on this case we received a complaint that -- the department received a complaint on the 9th of october, 2012, remodeling done without permit. we
could be three-block faces as in this case. and it's used multiple times in the public works code. amid the block face where the star is. and all of these businesses did not receive notice. so dpw testified a couple of months ago that 101 2nd street is within a 300' radius. i want to ask dpw did anyone at 101 2nd street receive notice? if they did not, notice was not served properly. the second point is the 300' radius. the ordinance use the word "radius." the order itself says there are no like foods within a 300' radius. radius is the proper measurement and dpw is going to get up here and say oh, no, we're going use walking distance and we can't determine what a 300' radius, when they are required to send out a notice to businesses within a 300' radius. they know all the businesses within that 300' radius and they are going to get up here and say i don't know what businesses are within a 300' rayus? that is just crock. and third, the starbucks objection. starbucks objected and dpw says hey, if starbucks would have objected we would have denied the permit. i don't see how you got ar
of decision. 4, there is no bathroom for use. you can't handle money and food. that is part of the health code. it's a health hazard not to have a hand washing simpbetween cashiering and foodservice. the map show twos coffee vendors. subito admitted major disclosures and misled the city. the mobile food facility says the permit is valid om if the applicant has not misrepresented facts. >> jim patrick -- three things the bathroom, parking and side door on the truck. the bathroom has not been approved by the owner of the building as specifically sets out in the regulations in the law. the bathroom is not 200' from where the truck is. in fact, it's about a block and a half. you have to go half a block across the street and north half a block and up the stairs and back in the mezzanine and i viewed it today and i can tell you it's quite a ways. and there is no handicap path of travel to the bathroom, which is required. no way can the customers use it or the employees use it. no. 2 is parking. it's taking the last two spaces in this whole large two and a half block area of downtown. no parking.
to the bathroom, which is required. no way can the customers use it or the employees use it. no. 2 is parking. it's taking the last two spaces in this whole large two and a half block area of downtown. no parking. we need parking for customers. we don't need parking for coffee. no. 3 the side door, when you open the side door it will take 60% of the sidewalk. it's right in front of a restaurant. when the restaurant puts out their tables it takes up 40% of the table, 60 and 40 last time i checked was 100. where are the pedestrians in it's a problem. we have an illegal bathroom and we're losing the parking and side door operations make it impossible. this deal just doesn't pass muster and when it doesn't pass muster, you can't sell mustard. thank you. >> fill out a card, sir. >> hello, among the other reasons that restaurants is family-owned restaurant -- the problem that we have, i have a couple of points here. we sell coffee in the morning. two, there is always construction getting done there. and as you can see, there is only -- >> reference the overhead, if you want us to see something? >>
sort of tweaking things that have come up. in addition, in the current year the mayor's office asked us to cut $1.5 million off of our base budget and we were able to do that with revenue solutions and some expenditure adjustments which did not impact operations or staffing. so, as you can see, our budget for next year, this is our revenue. and as you can see, most of our revenue comes from general fund, city support. state revenue on the 41 million is prop 172 public safety tax. our federal revenue is actually primarily the money that we get from the housing authority to provide the additional service there. it's hud money. the airport of course pays for all their services. other departments pay for our services. and then [speaker not understood] charges, those are just permits such as alarm, responding to alarms, thing like that. so, our next slide talks about how we spend all of our revenue and not surprisingly most of our revenue -- most of our expenditure is in salaries and fringe benefits, about 88% of our budget goes to staffing and nonpersonnel and professional services, it's ab
but it will take us to december of december 18 to get to full staffing. so, i think you know, last year with the mayor's help we were able to get a lot of money to get up to full staffing. but as you can see, what would have happened, the purple line indicates what would have happened had we not been funded for all these academy classes. so, you can see that there was a recognition by the mayor's office as well as others that we really did need to hire. it's also interesting to note that this summer in june of 13 we will be at 1644 is a pretty low number. so, the good news is that the hiring plan is going very well. we've been able to recruit a lot of people. so, our goal for each year is 150 recruits. and the 30 that you see in 2012-13 are additional 30 positionses that the airport is funding. so far we've hired 110 people and they're in process. we've had a class of laterals and two full academy classes. we plan to hire 20 laterals in april and another 50 recruits in may. and our recivilianization plan, essentially the concept is that throughout the years we have lost civilian positio
positions for us, support for two positionses and some overtime. public utilities funds one position out at their new headquarters. the library is for overtime. and human service agency, we provide security at the location where food stampses are applied for. so that help them therethv moscone center as needed. treasure island and dpw on there, some security as dpw goes out in the neighborhood for a speedy abatement. so, our next slide talks about our positions. as i mentioned, you know about 89% of our budget is personnel. so, it's important to look at as our sworn fte. last year, we have 22 13 positions, sworn positions budgeted. next year we will be at 22 01, which seems a little downtowner intuitive, but we are in a major hiring initiatives. and the reason for that is is that we have more people retiring than we have hiring right now. civilian positions are going on, part of our recivilianization plan getting officers back to do patrol duties, and having civil yens be at headquarters basically. there is a breakdown of the airport and our other sworn officers and civilianses as well.
,000 to use at their discretion to support physical education. they have used in tha variety of ways, to help community gardens through the city, and to buy athletic supplies and so forth. it's up to the pta's discretion. and that's a valuable asset that they not only enjoyed but have been thankful for. dpw is committed for every school site that participates to do a deep cleaning twice a year. and in an effort to talk to the principals and parents letting them know that we their school site and playgrounds, we want it in a better condition than it is today. and to have a deep cleaning twice a year, is something that we are excited about doing. and so are the schools and parents. as well we have a large pool of capital available to different school sites throughout the year. basically to draw on, and we have created a grant program for pta's to apply for the funds to open on the weekend. it's one thing to open up the playground or to have a league come in or whatever it may be. and it's really been fun to talk to the different pta's involved so far. different pta's have different ideas. some
. >> one more question. similar to the question officer loft us asked about, whether they're out of policy finding have been for the d.a., do you know just in recent history have they ever charged for an ois -- * >> charge an officer? >> um-hm. >> not -- just having reviewed like the last 10 years recently, certainly not in the last 10 years. i'm not offhand aware of a case where there's been a criminal charge. not in my memory. >> not mine either. okay. and then with the firearm discharge review board, you included a list of the composition of that board. and i wanted to ask if there's any changes in that composition. i remember a couple months ago we did talk with the chief, some of us, about including someone from training and potentially from tactics. i wondered if that is in here. >> this reflects the current structure. so, there haven't been any changes. this varies a little bit from the general order because it reflects the change in the department command structure so the general order is a little kind of off, it's a little behind the times a little bit in that regard specifically.
specific positions on bills. as it will allow for us to carry out common positions that reflect either our own growth and objectives with protecting and increasing transportation revenue and allow us to work with other authorities across the state and ntc. and other partners. we have also conducted with the mayor's office on these principles and we are going to work forward to hopefully establish some of these to become real. over the last year, we have actually recognized some successes from the legislative program, and the subway has reached its full funding grant agreement and advocating for significant appropriations for high speed rail at the state level and map 21, the federal bill guide and appropriations have been authorized through 2014 and significant expansion of tifia, for large projects in particular. we also have seen a parody with the tax benefit for transit at $240 a month which will carry through for the end of 2013. this is parody with the parking pretext benefits. so with this in hand, we make recommendations for a 2013 program, which will begin on page 19 of your packet
for taking time out it talk to us about what you do and the love with which you do it. we appreciate your time here on quick bites. i hope you've enjoyed our delicious tale of defendant 93 and dessert. as for me, my search is over. those reviews did not lie. in fact, i'm thinking of one of my very own. some things you just have it experience for yourself. to learn more about anthony's cookies, visit him on the web at if you want to watch some of our other episodes at sfquickbites/ see good morning, everyone, and welcome to the regular meeting of the transportation authority committee. to my left we have commissioner chiu, norman yee and chu. and i would like to thank you eric for being the clerk of the board and also like to thanks charles and jesse e for the sfgtv broadcasting of this meeting. are there any announcements? noe. no announcements. >> item number two, approvele minutes of the january 15th, meeting this is an action item. >> are there any changes to the minutes? >> okay. there is a motion to approve. is there a second? >> without object
afternoon. and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors land use and economic development committee. i am scott wienerrings the chairman of the committee. to my right is supervisor jane kim the committee vice chair. to my left is david chiu, the president of the board of supervisors, who is a member of the committee. also joining us is supervisor mark farrell. i want to thank those at sfgtv for broadcasting our hearing and our clerk is ms. miller. are there any announcements? >> alisa miller: please make sure to silence cell phones and electronic devices. items acted upon will appear ol board of supervisors agenda unlessunless otherwise stated. item 1, an ordinance amending a subdivision code, applicable to buildings that qualify for but was not selected or participated in the 2012 condo conversion lottery. >> chair wiener: before i turn it over to supervisor farrell, who is the lead author, i want to note since we have quite a few people here today, i have quite a few public comment cards. if you are inte
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)